Services for law firms

At Ledger Pros, our team of accounting experts are trained to support your clients personal accounting needs. Whether it is for personal accounting, preparing for end of life, trusts, or estates. Our personal accounting team are dedicated to providing confidential, accurate and timely financial reports.

We supply a complete suite of CPA-approved, confidential, and professional bookkeeping services including:

  • Financial reporting
  • Expense tracking
  • Budgeting / forecasting
  • Estate planning / net worth reports

We understand the complexities of personal finance and the importance of bookkeeping and documentation to support a smooth transition for your clients. We transform multiple data points into simple, easy-to-understand reports that can be presented directly to your client. Ledger Pros manages the accounting, allowing you to focus on the legal aspects of your practice.


Our team is well versed in management of trusts, and can create bespoke solutions to meet your accounting needs:

  • Recordkeeping and accounting of trust activity
  • Budget analysis
  • Reports of transactions

At Ledger Pros, we understand the many facets of financial administration and reporting complexities needed to manage a Trust. We will transform your trust activity data into simple, easy-to-understand reports for goal setting, budget analysis and reporting.

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